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Tired of Winter? Spring is Coming!

We love a little snow and an evening around the fireplace here at Bethesda Roasting Company.  We also love to see those first daffodil shoots popping up through the ground.  Its a sure sign spring is coming.

Spring also means the Farmers' Market!  We're excited to be back at the Cary Downtown Farmers' Market beginning April 5th.  For all of you die-hard Bethesda Roasting Company fans, stop by to see our new products and enjoy meeting some new team members.  Coming soon is our Facebook and Twitter fan pages.  Like us, tweet us, pin us, Yelp us, Google + us...all of it will get you some free stuff!


Thank you to all of our customers!  2013 marked a banner year for us, and it's just the beginning.  With your support, we gave almost $1,000 to two charities: African Children's Choir and Victory Church -Tacloban in support of Typhoon Haiyan relief.


Bethesda Roasting Company is all about coffee and people.  We impact nations through our desire to do more than cultivate profits.  It is the people of the nations whose product we deliver to your home and office that provide the motivation for our daily operations.  Check out the Social Entrepreneurship tab to learn about the organizations we support.

We also are very supportive of the communities around us. Our desire is that our coffee blends would make an impact in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill coffee roasting marketplace. From the single cup, everyday consumer to the local or chain based restaurant or hotel we are sure you will love our coffee blends. Call us today to learn more and to fill your cup up, 919.423.3772.

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The Slowness Revolution

2013-07-16 20:05:51 lodvody

In reading a recent article in Roasting magazine, I found myself faced with the concept of slowness

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Everyone has an "Old Bessie"

2013-05-01 05:49:07 lodvody

I can say that I have my own Old Bessie

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Giving as culture

2013-04-17 04:15:24 lodvody

As the term social entrepreneurship gets tossed around frequently, it seemed logical that we would simply share what we perceive to be the definition, at least for our business

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