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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality custom coffees and give excellent customer service to individuals and businesses, and to impact lives locally and globally through generous giving.

Roasting philosophy

Each of our single-origin coffees is roasted to highlight the unique tasting notes of that particular region and variety.  Each selection is accompanied by general tasting notes as a guide.

Each of our blends are designed to provide a uniform flavor experience, balancing body and flavor notes from differing regions to create an enjoyable coffee experience.

Do you like our roasting style and want to see your favorite region represented in our future product offerings?  Leave us your email address and as much detail about the varietal and region you love below.  We’ll do our best to sample it in a timely fashion.  While not every request may be converted into our product line, these suggestions are what drive our exploratory spirit.

Lance and Ashley Odvody Owners of Bethesda Roasting Company
Co-Owner Lance Odvody

Lance Odvody is co-owner and director of operations for BRC.  He is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and received his bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, DC.  He moved to the Raleigh/Durham area in 2002 as a restaurant accountant, and worked in the restaurant industry, joining the top steak house in the area and honing his customer service and sales skills there for over 12 years.

Lance’s experience in the restaurant and wine industry coupled with his passion for coffee helped birth the idea for BRC.  He is a Certified Sommelier (CS), the second of four levels of certification under the Court of Master Sommeliers.  After attending a public coffee cupping where the team repeatedly referred to how wine tasters objectively judge wines for flavor, structure and quality as a reference point on how to taste coffees, he soon realized his passion and his expertise had dovetailed.

A providential acquisition of a Primo PRI-20 roaster that needed some TLC gave him the how, now he needed the why and the where.

Lance’s need to do more than just turn a profit is the central motivation behind our choice to operate as social entrepreneurs.  Our intent to share our profitability and success with the people groups that grow and harvest our raw product runs through our mission statement, purchasing decisions and giving outlets.  Check out the Social Entrepreneurship tab on our site to learn more about to whom we give.

Co-Owner Ashley Odvody

Ashley is our giving director, providing logistical support and leading our non-profit interactions.  Ashley is originally from the Atlanta area and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

Ashley always knew she wanted her work to impact lives.  She worked in a variety of non profits for 10 years before taking her irreplaceable role at home as the mother of three boys.  Her nonprofit career included housing repair with the Appalachian Service Project and Habitat for Humanity, mentoring college students and leadership development with Every Nation Campus Ministries at UNC-CH, NYU, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the University of Zambia and helping women facing the challenges of unplanned pregnancy.  Her nonprofit career gave several opportunities for international travel which sparked her passion to bring economic empowerment, freedom and justice to the nations.

This desire to impact lives locally and globally is what drives this company.  Lance and Ashley are passionate about giving well.


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