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At Bethesda Roasting Company, our Chapel Hill roots are deep. Our executive director Ashley is a UNC grad and a Tarheel fan.  We take the time to source the best coffees from around the world and work hard to provide products at the peak of freshness and quality.  We also purchase coffees from nations that are taking proactive steps to slow and eliminate deforestation for coffee plantation use. We also use a portion of our profits to fund non-profit works in coffee-producing nations.

Our coffees are sourced from all over the world and presented to you for your enjoyment in your home, office, and place of business.  We service restaurant, hotel and office accounts in the Chapel Hill  area, and we would love to speak with you about how you can have outstanding quality coffees in your concept at competitive prices coupled with unparalleled account service.

We are also looking for a local coffee shop concept in Chapel Hill to be the exclusive purveyor for our outstanding coffee line in a retail shop.  We’ll take the time to develop in conjunction with your leadership a fully customized line of coffee and espresso products, including cuppings, roasting demonstrations, and custom product delivery options.  Take a look at our Restaurants & Hotels tab to learn more about our outstanding customer service and fully developed coffee programs.

If you are a resident and have a suggestion for a local shop in Chapel Hill that could use our product line, drop us a line on our contact us page.

If you desire some of the best Chapel Hill coffee, call us today, 919.423.3772.


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