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All of our coffees are rigorously tested and cupped to ensure quality. Our Subscription Services and Wholesale Accounts highlight the finest in single origin coffees from the highest quality growing regions. We are constantly updating our single origin coffees for our Subscription service, taking you to new places and exploring the world.

Home roasters welcome! We have green coffee available for you

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Sumatra Hiramau Tiger

This is a well-balanced coffee, displaying notes of lemongrass and cedar wood, with a sweet finish of black cherry and blackberry.  It has a sturdy body and mouth feel.  A great morning brew and as a Pour Over, “The Tiger” is a Mandheling DP grade we roast to a medium level to allow its uniqueness to shine through while giving it a firm carmalization.

Mexico Altura

This dark roast from the regions around the vacation spot of Veracruz is rife with dark and milk chocolate notes, making it the most popular cup for those looking to make espresso at home.

Costa Rica Cafe Vida – Tarrazu

Toffee notes highlight the smooth body of this lighter roast, with hints of baking spices, cashew and beautiful macerated cherry on the finish.  This single origin is sure to please at dinner parties served with chocolate desserts and berry pies.  This is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

Kenya AB Kikai

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano on the Kenya-Uganda border that shelters this growing region with rich volcanic soils.  Plum, lime zest, brown sugar and vanilla gives this coffee a richness that’s perfect for enjoying in a French Press.

Beginnings Blend

Our signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee has our Mexico Altura, Costa Rica Cafe Vida and the Sumatra Hiramau Tiger.  The balance of sweet, citrus and savory notes meld into a harmonious cup.  Its a great beginning to the day, and a great place to start enjoying our line of coffees.

Mokka Java

Our darkest blend is a combination of Mexico Altura, Papua New Guinea Kunjin A/X and a rotating seasonal blend (based upon crop availabilities from different hemispheres) roasted City Plus for body and a thick crema.

Home For the Holidays

Available from October through December, our holiday blend brings together the complexities of our Kenya AB Kikai and the Sumatra Harimau Tiger with a touch of the Mexico Altura for breadth.  A sure crowd pleaser for your large gatherings of family, friends and office parties

Bethesda House Decaf

Currently our decaffeinated coffee is Ethiopia Sidamo MC roasted dark to bring out the subtleties for which Ethiopian coffees are known.  Our decaf is 100% Arabica, and makes for a great cup to close out the day.  Our customers say its the best decaf they have ever had.

Bulk Roasted Coffee top

In need of bulk quantities of 20 pounds or larger for fundraisers, special events or corporate gatherings?  We have a great selection, price breaks and short turnaround times.
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Green Coffee top

At Bethesda Roasting Company, we want to encourage the home roaster.  It’s how we started, and there is nothing like having local access to green coffees.  Have you been purchasing your green coffee online from places like South Carolina and California?  Try us out. We offer low cost shipping (often only $6-$10 for North Carolina deliveries under 5 pounds) and even offer local hand delivery for $15.00 in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill metroplex.  Delivery of green coffee beans to Greensboro, Winston-Salem, the Piedmont Triad, Charlotte, Asheville, Boone, and Wilmington areas are also available.

Restaurants and Hotels Servicestop

If you are looking for a custom blend for your restaurant, hotel or office, please see our Restaurants & Hotels Services page.  We would love to come to you and discuss your beverage program needs.

Coffee Accessories

BRC Travel Cup

A beautiful 14-oz stainless steel tumbler with beryl green accents.  Its ergonomic design is perfect for smaller hands and fits into almost every cup holder out there. Pair it up in our gift baskets.


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