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Giving as culture

As the term social entrepreneurship gets tossed around frequently, it seemed logical that we would simply share what we perceive to be the definition, at least for our business.

We roast premium coffees and sell them to the general public, restaurants, hotels, and through a vending company to office break rooms.  We’ve dabbled a bit with farmer’s markets, which seems to always give us a great connection to what our customers really want from us.  The social element for us means we have a requirement, not just an option, to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than us.  To borrow a rather controversial phrase, we see ourselves as the “1%”, and that its our duty, not the government’s, to care for others.  We have no problem being the 1%.  It affords us the opportunity to be radically generous towards others.  Social entrepreneurship is a heart position translated to an active business model.

Our initiative is to tie in our coffee origins to charities that impact those nations in unique and positive ways.  Our team has carefully selected these organizations to ensure that maximum funding goes to the work, not just the infrastructure.  We give a 15% portion of our profits.  It means a tighter margin for us, a more reserved lifestyle.  The rewards…as we give, our hearts change.  We are more loving, open to change in ourselves, and hopeful for our future world and how our children perceive generosity.

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