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Social Entrepreneurship is a movement of businesses committed to the increase of corporate benevolence not solely for tax benefits or public relations campaigns, but because we believe we can make a difference one step at a time.  Consistent, regular support is what each of these organizations needs, and its our goal to be one of their sources of consistent funding.  Each and every purchase you make from Bethesda Roasting Company makes a difference.

We give at minimum 15% of our profits to designated charities to help increase quality of life in nations where poverty is real and the needs are abundant.  There are occasions where these organizations have specific event-specific needs which we also help provide for beyond our regular giving.

We do this because we acknowledge that there is always room to give more and consume less.  We are privileged to live in a nation with lots of opportunity and we desire to find ways to have a little less of what we want so someone else, maybe someone we have never met before, can have a little more of what they need.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor.  One way is to purchase our products.  Another is to check out these charities yourself.  We work hard to ensure our designated charities are fully vetted and that the maximum possible amount is going to helping people.  You can also of course give directly to these groups through their individual websites.  

Please note, while we support these organizations, we are not actively involved in their directives or leadership.  We periodically review the standards and activities of these organizations to ensure they continue to meet the standards for which they were selected.



The African Children’s Choir is an internationally recognized organization that supports a large network of orphanages in 7 African nations, including the newly formed nation of South Sudan.  The choirs tour nations in Europe and North America, raising funds and awareness to support HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa.  The Choir and its supporters currently fund the housing, food and personal needs of hundreds of orphans.

Bethesda Roasting Company has partnered with African Children’s Choir since 2013.


Have an idea for a charity that you would like us to consider supporting?  Leave us a note, including a website so we can check them out.


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